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The health, wellbeing, and productivity of your employees depend greatly on the indoor air quality and thermal comfort of your office. At The Ideal Group, we provide highly efficient air conditioning solutions to businesses so that they can create a cool and comfortable environment for their employees and customers.

In addition to providing specialised air conditioning solutions to businesses, we also provide preventative maintenance and fault finding service, conduct energy surveys, and replace older, inefficient air conditioners with newer, environment-friendly units to help businesses comply with all regulations.

Whether you’re looking to save on your energy bills by installing a new air conditioning unit or want us to guide you in the process of R22 replacement, our experts are sure to offer you a solution that will provide you all year round comfort.


Complex commercial buildings accommodate a large number of occupants, special architectural features, and different room types.



The performance and life of an air conditioning unit depends on your ability to keep up with its repair and maintenance needs.


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