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Designing an office requires a lot of energy and money. However, despite the amount of time, effort, and money you put in a project, it may fail to match your vision. The Ideal Group helps you avoid this by allowing you to visualise your dream through virtual reality and digitally rendered 3D images.

If you are refurbishing office, we allow you to walk around the space and get a realistic understanding of how it will look like after renovation. This also offers you an opportunity to make adjustments quickly, saving you time and money and helps us make sure that everyone is on the same page.

At The Ideal Group, we present our clients with modern and efficient virtual depictions of their project, allowing them to:

Get an understanding of how the final design will look like

Make alterations as per their preferences

Visualise different colours, materials, and other décor details

Share high-resolution images of their design and get a second opinion

If you’re already working on a project, our experts can incorporate 2D plans of your project in our latest 3D design software, allowing you to truly appreciate the end product that you will be getting from The Ideal Group.

To learn more about how 3D-VR works, please see examples of the work we have done for our clients below. To book a project consultation and 3D-VR consultation, you may call us at 01530 814 514.


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