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Businesses of all sizes are placing more focus than ever before on designing inviting work spaces that not only improve workforce productivity, but also foster a culture of openness and innovation. The Ideal Group can help you build a workplace that will not only enhance the environment for your employees and visitors, but also reinforce your brand values and portray your vision.

From complete office refurbishment to creating a break out area where your employee can hang out during lunch hours, we offer a wide range of commercial interior solutions suitable for businesses of all types and size.

General Office Interiors

Office interiors are of great strategic value to businesses.


Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms are the place where you present and pitch your product to clients.



The boardroom of your office is the place where creative thoughts flourish, innovative ideas come to life, and decisions of strategic importance are made.



A comfortable office canteen design provides employees a place to take a refreshing break and return to their work energised and rejuvenated.


Reception Areas

Your reception area creates the crucial first image of your company for your visitors, customers, and employees.


Office Furniture

High-quality, uniquely designed, modern office furniture not only influences the way people view your company, but also have a direct impact on the productivity of your employees.



Whether you require new cubicle fittings or you want to update the look of your office’s restroom or toilets, The Ideal Group provides comprehensive office refurbishment services that cover a wide range of projects.


Break Out Areas

The modern-day workspace requires employees to spend a majority of their time at their desks, in front of their computer screens.


Mezzanine Offices

Versatility is synonymous with our storage solutions and our mezzanine office floors are no exception.


Relocation & Dilapidation Services

Whether you’re relocating your business to a new place or you’re working on a major refurbishment process that requires a temporary relocation, with our relocation services, you can make a smooth transition to your new place and minimise operational disruptions during the relocation process.


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