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Server Rooms

Server rooms and closets account for a significant share of any IT company’s energy use. The irony is that the energy consumed on cooling off the servers and maintaining the optimal temperature is significantly higher than the energy required to operate the machines.

The Ideal Group can help you cut down on your energy bill by installing an air conditioning system that has been designed keeping your precise needs under consideration. We not only help you save more money by reducing the cooling costs, but also minimise the breakdowns associated with heat build-up, allowing your IT department to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your equipment will be kept cool at all times.

For facilities with two or more HVAC units, we also provide lead lag controls to balance the operating run time between multiple redundant units and ensure that a backup system is up and running when the other goes down.

In addition to this, we also provide smart control systems for server rooms. These systems send an email alert along with a visual or sound alert to warn your IT team before a possible cooling problem result in a complete breakdown due to overheating.


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