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Providing athletes a comfortable environment inside a gym or a leisure centre is imperative to their athletic performance. However, at the same time, the indoor climate of a gym has to be adjusted to suit the needs of visitors and spectators as well.

At The Ideal Group, we provide complete air conditioning solutions that offer energy savings and maintain comfortable interior environments throughout a leisure facility from the gym to the juice bar.

When selecting the right air conditioning solution for you, we take a number of factors into account, including the size and layout of your facility, average number of visitors, and peak times. Using this information, we design and install a system that’s equipped with advanced controls and ventilation options to create the perfect welcoming environment for your visitors.

Leisure facilities that have a gym for cardiovascular activities, dance studios, studio halls, etc. have diverse air conditioning needs. In addition to this, due to large fluctuation of users throughout the day, it becomes necessary to design and install a technologically advanced, energy efficient air conditioning system that has advance controls and ventilation controls to cater to the complex air conditioning needs and create a comfortable environment for the occupants.


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