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Office interiors are of great strategic value to businesses. They not only influence the productivity of a workforce, but also reflect the core values and corporate culture of a company. The Ideal Group provides complete office interiors solutions that include everything from office refurbishments to space planning and a complete redesign.

Whether you want to transform the existing look of your office and add more modern-looking yet functional components to it or you want to create small cubicles by installing an office partitioning system, our experts can help you with all your office interiors needs. From concept and design to project completion, we make sure that the project reflects your idea of a workplace and offers your employees the perfect environment to work in.

Space Planning

Businesses are always in need of more space; however, investing in a new building or expansion is not always feasible. Therefore, we provide space planning services to help a business optimise the use of the existing facility, free up more work space, and produce room for more employees.
Using software programs with advanced capabilities, we produce thorough and accurate plans of your existing office layout and execute it while causing minimal disruption to your day to day operations.
We determine your offices’ desk utilisation rate, evaluate your company culture, and adopt unique space saving strategies based on your precise needs.

Office Refurbishments

The Ideal Group provides businesses an opportunity to increase both the asset value and visual appeal of their existing building with complete office refurbishment.
Depending on your budget and your refurbishment needs, our team develops a refurbishment plan and creates concept drawings and 3D visuals to help you visualise what your workplace will look like after completion of the project.

At The Ideal Group, we categorise most refurbishment & fit out jobs into these three categories:

Category A Fit-out

Also known as the basic landlord fit-out, category A fit-out involves installation of core mechanical and electrical services. In addition to this, toilets, suspended ceilings, finishes to the internal walls are also included in category A Fit-out. This type of refurbishment is best suited for tenants and landlords who want to refurbish a facility to suit their unique needs.

Category B Fit-out

Suitable for generic office spaces, the category B fit-out involves space planning, design, and refurbishment to help businesses create a workplace environment that’s both stylish and practical and reflects their brand identity. In a category B fit-out, every area of your office is taken care of, including electrical infrastructure, reception areas, furniture installation, suspended ceilings and dry linings, installation of air conditioning systems, AV equipment and IT infrastructure, breakout areas, floor finishes, specialised lighting schemes, meeting and conference rooms, etc.

Small Works

Not all projects are large and here at the ideal group small works are just as important to us. If you want a wall moving, office space creating, new carpets or a funky employee hangout area we are happy to help.

Office Partitioning

The Ideal Group provides modern room dividers and office partitioning systems to add privacy and creativity to a modern work space. The office partitions provided by us are available in a wide range of materials and unlimited design options.
Whether you’re looking for a cost-effective office partitioning system that can divide areas while maintaining an open flow throughout your work space or you’re looking for a high-end solution to create a conference room, we have the right office partitioning solution for your needs and budget.


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