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Whether you’re relocating your business to a new place or you’re working on a major refurbishment process that requires a temporary relocation, with our relocation services, you can make a smooth transition to your new place and minimise operational disruptions during the relocation process.

The purpose of our relocation service is to minimise the downtime and costs associated with the process and help businesses transfer their assets to their new office in a hassle-free manner. To achieve this objective, we provide you expert assistance throughout the process from packing your belongings securely in weather-resistant containers to transporting them to your new office and helping you with unpacking and organisation.

For businesses that require a full-service solution, The Ideal Group offers dilapidation service as well. From designing and building your new office space and helping you relocate to the new place to undertaking the dilapidation of your old facility so that it can be handed back to the landlord, our experts make your transition to the new place smooth and hassle-free by taking care of all your relocation needs.


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