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Mezzanine Offices
Versatility is synonymous with our storage solutions and our mezzanine office floors are no exception. Whether you want to create an in-plant office or a small, separate space for a new employee in your existing office unit, our mezzanine floors offer you a no-hassle, cost-effective way of creating new offices.
Utilising the unused vertical space in the most effective manner, our mezzanine office floors are not only cheaper than the traditional block and beam solutions, but are also completely modular and therefore, easier to install. Making optimum use of the unused vertical space in your office, our mezzanine offices help you grow your businesses in the existing facility and save you from a costly expansion or relocation.
Constructed using hot rolled steel man beam sections with columns and cold rolled light weight secondary sections topped off with common particle boards, our mezzanine offices not only offer you extended durability, but also save you time and money because of their quick installation process. Using the latest in CAD design software, we can also design multi-tier mezzanine offices with the most complex specifications.


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