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Office Storage
Making effective use of your office space with their unique construction and innovative design, our office storage solutions offer you maximum storage capacity and improved accessibility compared to traditional storage systems.

Working close with reputable furniture manufacturers and dedicated storage manufacturers, we are able to provide you a cost-effective yet highly functional office storage solution that will suit your precise needs.

Promising you fast turnaround and 100% satisfaction, we supply and install the right storage solution for your facility in the most efficient manner.
From high-density solutions that allow you to store a large number of files within a limited space to mobile shelving systems that allow you to keep active files on-site for immediate access and retrieval, we have an impressive range of office storage systems to help you find the one that best suits your needs.
Some of the office storage solutions that we provide at The Ideal Group include:
– Archive storage
– Mobile storage solutions
– Personal storage
– Lockers
– Tambour storage units
– Storage wall
– Recycling units
– Metal storage units


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